Poet, Philosopher, Parking Lot Attendant…
Flynn McGuin is something of a Renaissance Man

Or at least he’s worked at some interesting occupations.

In I Rode for the Wigglin’ W, a young Flynn accepts the job offer of his dreams—riding, roping, and wrangling in the hills of Wyoming.

Within hours of arriving at the Wigglin’ W Ranch, he regrets his decision. The place is, in Flynn’s own words, an insane asylum with a Western motif. He’s anxious to beat a hasty retreat, but a slip-up involving damage to ranch assets costs him a week of indentured service.

Debt paid, he’s once again ready to skedaddle, but instead misses the bus, winds up in a saloon, and falls hard for a beautiful dancing girl.

As love awakens his heart and incapacitates his brain, Flynn forgets fleeing and commences a clumsy courtship. Things are clearly going his way until he realizes he’s made some enemies. Also, the girl isn’t interested in being courted.

Or is she?

With sly wit and tongue-in-cheek humor, I Rode for the Wigglin’ W delivers everything you’d expect in a rollicking Western parody: Evil villains, bar-room brawls, scheming swindlers, naked protestors, and of course, forbidden love!