A unique and delightful modern Western that’s more City Slickers than True Grit

In this debut novel, Harder brings a sharp, folkloric sensibility and plenty of humor to the not-so-wild West of 1970s Wyoming. …Harder’s prose throughout is solid, and he creates a great first-person narrative voice for Flynn. He portrays him as a fish out of water, but one with plenty of wit behind his observations. As much as the situations provide moments of humor, Flynn’s perspective is a vital element that makes the depiction of cow-hating ranch owners and other players really pop. Many other humorists might have exhausted the wild and crazy characters after only a few short jabs about their particular eccentricities, but Harder’s steady pacing keeps things fresh and engaging throughout. All-in-all, the novel is fast, fun, and a little disorienting—a bull ride that readers aren’t likely to forget.   ~ Kirkus Reviews


Refreshing and humorous

A refreshing tale that had me laughing out loud many times, McGuin presented a delightful change of pace from the drama of today’s world. I highly recommend “I Rode for the Wigglin’ W” and hope to see more tales from Flynn McGuin. – Ann Christine Fell, Author of Sundrop Sonata and In the Shadow of the Wind













A Clever Tale Through and Through





My husband and I brought this book to read aloud on a road trip and we laughed all the way through! A clever tale of dreams and heartache, perseverance and surprises, all told by a character you’ll easily grow fond of. Saddle up and grab your tissues because you’ll laugh until you cry in this first (and hopefully not last) Flynn McGuin memoir! – Amazon customer






Impossibly absurd, yet entirely relatable!

If you’ve never had a shattered dream, a bummer of a job, or a roller-coaster relationship, this may not be the book for you. For the rest of us, Harder’s hyperbolic humor may be just the healing we need. Lovable drifter, Flynn McGuin, goes from dilemma to adventure, to dilemma, with each situation growing in absurdity. For a genuinely “tall” tale, the story arc, the cast of characters, and the (sort of) triumphant ending are remarkably satisfying. – Amazon customer








And then there are glowing evaluations from these highly respected sources…






“Equal parts tall tale and romantic comedy, McGuin’s recollection of a bittersweet summer in the 1970’s is a roller-coaster ride of dreams and disappointments, love, longing, and laughter. From the trial-by-fire of branding season to the final not-so-triumphant trail drive, “I Rode for the Wigglin’ W” is humor with heart.”   —  American Parking Lot Attendant Magazine

“An outlandish …adventure—first-rate entertainment served up with rollicking wit.”  —  Beemerville Banner/Bugle-Blower Book Review

“As Flynn McGuin approaches his twilight years, he realizes the importance of preserving memories. Writing forty years after the ‘fact,’ McGuin goes well beyond preserving memories—he gives them a complete makeover.”  —  Fergus Inknose, Antique Doorknob Enthusiast

“A week after I finished reading “I Rode” I was still laughing!” – Michael B., former assistant funeral director